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Crosswinds is a membership-based Incorporation, so the support of regular annual members is a key piece of Crosswind’s financial support. Annual memberships are available for $25/person, or $35/family.  Memberships are renewable on the first of January of each successive year.

Members are invited to an annual membership meeting at the Crosswinds facility on the 2nd Saturday of July. A variety of other benefits vary each year.

Potential adopters are required to be members of Crosswinds prior to their application being processed.

To become a member, please submit payment via Paypal by clicking the link below:

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Is this a gift membership? if so, please provide the new member’s information for us to send their membership information, and also your name and contact information so that we can send you a receipt and also let the recipient know who was so generous as to provide them this membership!

Thank you for helping to support CROSSWINDS! For other donation and fund raising opportunities, please see our donations and wish list pages.

Crosswinds Equine Rescue, Inc. — 8182 E 200 North Road, Sidell IL 61876 — 217-649-7915 — email