To accept owner surrendered horses, to rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and re-home horses in need, ideally before there is a need to involve animal control. We have a special love for Draft horses and Mustangs, although we don’t limit ourselves to those breeds our facilities and training techniques work best with them.


  1. Rescuing horses:
    1. Accepting surrenders from horse owners as space is available, focusing upon animals that we feel best fit our strengths and we are most likely to help the horse be successful in its future.
    2. Assisting owners in finding new homes directly for healthy horses that do not require our rehabilitation and training services, and for horses that we are unable to accept due to our financial constraints or other situations.
    3. Rarely by bidding against slaughter buyers at sales.
    4. Note: We do not accept confiscated animals being held by governmental agencies. There are several large facilities in Illinois who focus on providing temporary care for only these animals. Our goal is to help owners in difficult situations long before animal control is needed and long term neglect or abuse has occurred.
  2. Educating horse people:
    1. Public events at CWER and other facilities, such as Prairieland Feeds’ Annual Pet Fair Extravaganza;
    2. Very active facebook page and presence
    3. Horse training (email for details)
    4. Farrier (hoof care) services (email for details)
    5. Speaking at 4H clubs, events, etc (email to schedule a presentation)
    6. Volunteer programs, including working with special needs volunteers (email for details)
  3. Placing horses: Please see success stories to see our graduates; adoptable horses for who is available, and how to adopt for details. Our key focus is rehabilitating and retraining these horses, determining the right career for their future, then finding the right owner to increase the chance of the horse’s success in its new career. Click here for how to donate a horse.


We are a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers. If you like what we are doing and feel it is important, please consider making a contribution.