Horses staying at Crosswinds have extensive recurring costs. For those with just basic maintenance needs, these include feed (all Crosswinds horses receive either Senior, Enrish32, Ultium or Strategy feed, depending upon their special needs); hay; mineral supplement; (treats!); hoof trims; wormer; annual vaccinations.

  • $35/month: Basic feed sponsorship of a non-draft such
  • $50/month: Basic feed sponsorship of a draft

For special care horses, as most coming into Crosswinds are, there are numerous additional expenses, such as those shown below. For these horses, some sponsors are able to cover their actual monthly itemized expenses; others are only able to commit to a regular monthly support, and we look for multiple sponsors to work together to assist those horses. We are most grateful for ANY support a sponsor can provide to help us help these horses. (See below for how to sponsor a horse.)


  • Complete the form below regarding the horse which interests you. Let us know who you’d like to help, and how much you are able to commit to. If you are not able to commit to a monthly donation for at least 6 months, please let us know and we will still GLADLY accept your donation, but will continue to look for additional sponsors for the same horse for future expenses.
  • Mail us a check monthly, or for faster, easier service without worrying about a stamp, consider using !  Our payment address is info  @  cwer  .  org for paypal.
  • You can also use the subscribe button below to set up a recurring $35 per month payment to CWER automatically from your paypal account! It couldn’t be simpler:

  • If you’re unable to commit to a monthly sponsorship at this time, but would still like to help, we thank you, and appreciate anything you can do! Even $5 can purchase a bag of feed, or two months’ worth of wormer for a horse. Please see our donations page.

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