Introduction From Our President

   My name is Mike Cross and I am one of the original board members of CrossWinds Equine rescue. As with most things in life, the path to my current position is filled with lots of turns and surprises.
As a young man I did not have much of an interest in horses. I am much more of a mechanical minded person. The rescue started as a family affair with doing chores and helping where I could. I soon got hooked on watching how horses interact with each other.  I became a pretty good rider, but my passion is ground work and talking to horses the way they talk to each other.

This passion in ground work was a natural for me working with rescue horses that had lost trust in people. After a couple of years of me coming up with a process to safely reintroduce horses to the human world, I decided I wanted to teach it. Side note: if you think you know something try teaching it, if there are flaws teaching it will bring them out.
Thank you, Mike